Monday, March 14, 2011

FAME Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana - March 12-13, 2011

FAME (The Foundation for Art and Music in Education) held its annual Northeast Festival at downtown Fort Wayne's Grand Wayne Center on March 12-13, 2011.  Each year the FAME Festival celebrates the artist in every child.  This year's theme was Creating and Dreaming in the Land of the Northern Lights.

Northeast Indiana and Fort Wayne area students danced, played instruments, sang songs, displayed art, and much more.  These pictures will give you a glimpse of everything that went on in downtown Fort Wayne to advance the arts among our young students. To learn more about FAME click here to visit their website.  Come back to in February 2012 to learn when next year's event is scheduled to take place.  Be sure your favorite school gets involved.  Click here to see more photos.  Click on any photo for a larger view.

Display after display of area students artwork.

Tribal masks made by Northeast Indiana students.

Many school choirs performed.
FAME visiting artists: Shannon Thunderbird & Sandy Horne.

Students dance to music performed by The Fort Wayne Philharmonic.

Students (white shirts) are recognized after playing with the PHIL.